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Leading Memory Care Services in Darien, CT by Ellis Home Care

As the need for specialized memory care grows in Darien, CT, Ellis Home Care stands out as a beacon of excellence and compassionate care. Our dedicated team provides a comprehensive suite of services designed to address Alzheimer’s, dementia, and other cognitive conditions.

Our Tailored Memory Care Services:

Custom Memory Care Plans:

Cognitive Assessments: Thorough evaluations to develop individualized care plans that suit each client’s cognitive needs.

Daily Cognitive Activities: Assistance in everyday tasks designed to engage and stimulate the brain.

Advanced Alzheimer's and Dementia Care:

Cognitive Rehabilitation: Activities and therapies targeted to improve cognitive function and overall well-being.

Safety and Comfort: A well-structured environment meticulously crafted for the security and peace of mind of our memory care patients.

Respite Care for Family Caregivers:

Caretaker Relief: Temporary, specialized care to give family caretakers a well-deserved break.

Flexible Timing: Options ranging from a few hours to entire weekends based on your requirements.

24/7 Memory Care and Monitoring:

Continuous Supervision: Specialized round-the-clock care for peace of mind.

Emergency Protocols: Caregivers trained in dementia-specific emergency responses for quick and effective action.

Why Choose Ellis Home Care for Memory Care in Darien, CT:

Local Expertise: Our in-depth understanding of the Darien community enables us to offer services that meet and exceed local standards.

Certified Staff: Each caregiver undergoes specialized training in memory care to provide top-notch service.

Quality Assurance: Regular evaluations and continuous communication with families ensure we consistently deliver high-quality care.


Hear from satisfied families who have entrusted their loved ones' care to Ellis Home Care:

"Our family was lost and overwhelmed with the care needed for my mother, but Ellis Home Care stepped in and provided not only the support we needed but also the kindness and compassion we craved. I can't thank them enough!" – Sarah, Darien, CT

"Ellis Home Care's professional team took care of my husband with such grace and respect. Their understanding of dementia care is truly outstanding. It's a relief knowing he's in such capable hands." – Richard, Darien, CT

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Your loved ones deserve the best memory care in Darien, CT. Let us partner with you to create a nurturing, supportive environment for them.

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My wife's caregiver from Ellis Home Care has become a friend to both of us. The Meal Preparation service is excellent, and they even cater to her specific culinary preferences. It's more than a service; it's personal attention
George Scarlett.
"Our family cannot thank Ellis Home Care enough for the exceptional care they provided for our mother. The 24/7 caregivers were not only professional but also incredibly compassionate. We felt peace knowing she was in good hands."
Living with dementia is challenging, but the team at Ellis Home Care has made it manageable. The daily therapeutic activities keep me engaged and happy. I feel respected and understood.
When my husband required end-of-life care, I didn't know where to turn. Ellis Home Care offered not only the medical support we needed but also the emotional and spiritual guidance that made a difficult time more bearable.
The Comprehensive Care Package from Ellis Home Care has been a lifesaver. They handle everything from medication management to household maintenance, allowing me to focus on quality time with my father.
Choosing the Essential Care Package for my mother was the best decision we made. The personalized care and attention to her dietary needs have improved her overall well-being. The caregivers have become like family to us.
Ellis Home Care truly understands what compassionate care means. My brother's caregiver is attentive, patient, and thoughtful. The customized activities have brought joy back into his life.


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